InstructBooth: Instruction-following Personalized Text-to-Image Generation


Personalizing text-to-image models using a limited set of images for a specific object has been explored in subject-specific image generation. However, existing methods often face challenges in aligning with text prompts due to overfitting to the limited training images. In this work, we introduce InstructBooth, a novel method designed to enhance image-text alignment in personalized text-to-image models without sacrificing the personalization ability. Our approach first personalizes text-to-image models with a small number of subject-specific images using a unique identifier. After personalization, we fine-tune personalized text-to-image models using reinforcement learning to maximize a reward that quantifies image-text alignment. Additionally, we propose complementary techniques to increase the synergy between these two processes. Our method demonstrates superior image-text alignment compared to existing baselines, while maintaining high personalization ability. In human evaluations, InstructBooth outperforms them when considering all comprehensive factors. Our project page is at this https URL.

In ArXiv